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Do E-Cigarettes Pose Health Risks as Compared to Normal Cigarettes: Explained

There are some 37.8 million 18 year old or older who smoke cigarettes in the United States alone.

Activist Started This Campaign to Encourage People Love Themselves with All Their Differences

Activist wants to make fashion more inclusive for people with disfigurements and is doing a world of good in increasing their self-confidence at the same time.

Hello Lacrimosa

Music has remained mostly the same over the centuries. Do you disagree? Check out this classical song which sounds like the instrumental version of Hello by Adele.

9 Instances when People find the Most Effortless Way of Getting a Job Done

It is often said that being lazy and inactive are not attractive character traits, but as humanity progresses there is more focus on minimum effort with maximum output. And no one is more suitable...